Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Start of Week 5 Update

Well, according to the gym scale last night, I am now down 7.5 lbs. We had a good nutrition class last night, that I actually learned some useful information in. When I did the fasting program previously, there motto was "a calorie is a calorie". I'm learning now that it definitely isn't the case.

Also, I made plans to meet a teammate (from Team Weight loss) for Spin Class Wednesday morning at 5:30. Since, I don't her all that well, I definitely will be there!

Have a great week. Back to my oatmeal!


Sara Quinn said...

For a Foodie like yourself, you should be able to come up with a better description of the tasteless mush known as oatmeal ! How about "coarse crushed cereal grains laced with beta-glucan and topped with sun-dried vitis riparia?"

Heidi MacInnis said...

It is the "Weight Control" oatmeal, and its pretty tasty mush! You are right though!