Monday, February 26, 2007

Start of Week 8

Today begins Week 8. I better get my butt in gear if I'm going to hit goal weight. The scale isn't moving much the last couple of weeks. I also haven't been extremely strict on the diet thing, so I think I need to be paying more attention to that.

I had my first ever (in my life) soccer game yesterday. Besides feeling completely useless (although I think I did okay), I survived with a few stiff muscles, a few more stiff muscles, and a sunburn. The girls are so great. I think it is going to be a lot of fun. We lost 2-0, but it was pretty good.

I did Spin class again on Saturday morning with three of the girls from TWL. That was good, but we were all pretty sore from the very hard workout Jaime put us through on Friday night.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Bleeping Valentine's Day...

Let me just start by saying when I got dressed yesterday morning, I knew I was in trouble. It was the first day since I've been working out regularly that I felt my jeans feeling snug and was feeling blah. So I knew we had our official weigh in last night and was dreading it all day.

So here it goes, my Week 6 update:

Total lbs: -5 lbs (What!!! I was 7.5 at the gym last week, and 8.5 at home this week!)

Total change in body fat %: -4%

The good news, is that my 12 week goal for body fat reduction was 3%, so I'm already there, but the weight thing really hurt. I spent my Valentine's evening fighting back tears. They promise me that most women start really dropping after week 4-6, when your body realizes that your sticking with it. I'll cling to that hope. Soccer isn't starting until next weekend (25th) now, so I'll have to get my butt in gear this weekend and keep that water bottle next to me at all times.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Spin Class

Well, the first miracle is that I made it to Spin Class at the gym this morning (I probably wouldn't have if I wasn't meeting Nicole there). The second miracle is that I actually survived it. My butt is a little sore, but otherwise okay.

I grabbed the bike in the back corner. The one thing about Spin class, is that is where the "fit" people go. I was feeling extremely self conscious but inspired by the incredible physiques (and a few average ones) around me . The instructor is a doll (with an amazing body). The lights are turned low (a good thing for me), we had a Tour de France video playing on the big screen and good music to keep us going. Today was an endurance ride, so we basically stayed in Zone 3 for 60 minutes. I know I should have been heavier on the resistance than I was, but still feel like I got a good workout.

Now hopefully I'll be able to make it up the stairs for class tonight! ;)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Start of Week 5 Update

Well, according to the gym scale last night, I am now down 7.5 lbs. We had a good nutrition class last night, that I actually learned some useful information in. When I did the fasting program previously, there motto was "a calorie is a calorie". I'm learning now that it definitely isn't the case.

Also, I made plans to meet a teammate (from Team Weight loss) for Spin Class Wednesday morning at 5:30. Since, I don't her all that well, I definitely will be there!

Have a great week. Back to my oatmeal!