Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Spin Class

Well, the first miracle is that I made it to Spin Class at the gym this morning (I probably wouldn't have if I wasn't meeting Nicole there). The second miracle is that I actually survived it. My butt is a little sore, but otherwise okay.

I grabbed the bike in the back corner. The one thing about Spin class, is that is where the "fit" people go. I was feeling extremely self conscious but inspired by the incredible physiques (and a few average ones) around me . The instructor is a doll (with an amazing body). The lights are turned low (a good thing for me), we had a Tour de France video playing on the big screen and good music to keep us going. Today was an endurance ride, so we basically stayed in Zone 3 for 60 minutes. I know I should have been heavier on the resistance than I was, but still feel like I got a good workout.

Now hopefully I'll be able to make it up the stairs for class tonight! ;)

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Smashli said...

You go girl! I will wait and read tomorrow to see how you feel, but man oh man, I'm proud of you ! Spin class - you're bonkers! Keep it up sista!