Wednesday, May 9, 2007

6 Week Update

Since I did Team Weight Loss before Team Fitness, this is actually a Week 18 update. Time flies. Too bad the weight wasn't flying away with it! However, I did survive over 6 weeks of almost back to back house guests without gaining. I think that is an accomplishment!

So the Team Fitness 6 week check is not complete, but here are the numbers that count.

6 week weight loss - 2.5 lbs (hardly worth mentioning).
6 week body fat loss - 4.5% (pretty good!)

So, according to my home scale I'm hovering around -22lbs since Jan. 1st and around 10% body fat loss. So with hubbies business trips concluding, and the hotel MacInnis being empty, maybe I can work a little harder and get that scale to budge in the right direction.

Now, wish me luck in the run, push up, sit up, and plank test on Monday. I'm gonna need it! ;)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Just the fact that you are ALIVE after 6 weeks of house guests is a freakin' miracle!! I certainly would not have lived to tell about it. The weight loss and body fat loss is just an added bonus. Ha!

Very proud of you, as always! :o)