Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Long Overdue Update

Well, I'm officially mid week 3 of my new program at the gym, Team Fitness. I finished up my 12 week Team Weight Loss program.

The official results:
Weight Loss = 15.5 lb (short of goal)
% Body Fat Loss = 6% (over 3% goal).

Unfortunately, I haven't been doing so great with all the company we have had. But we don't "weigh in" again until Week 6 of Team fitness. My home scale is holding at -18.5 lbs but hopefully that will start moving downward again, once things get back on schedule. Hubby is in the UK this week, so I don't have to make any meals. However, my sister will be here this weekend for a week (with her hubby and my nephew)! I do see a margarita in our future... ;)

Anyway, trying to get motivated. Think Thin (and Fit) for me!

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Sara Quinn said...

Really proud of you. Have missed your blog. I check it every single day. Our family is trying to shape up for our cruise at the end of next month. Also heard today that ya'll are coming to Atlanta for a visit ! Yippee !!! Hope we get to see you then - would love to see how Ewan has grown.