Monday, March 19, 2007

End of Week 10

Today officially starts the beginning of Week 11. I successfully got six workouts in this week, although they weren't as spread out as they should have been. I ended up missing class on Monday to pick hubby up at the airport as he returned from our dear friend Greg's funeral. Spent Tuesday evening with the in-laws before their Wednesday departure home (3 weeks went fast!).

So here is the workout summary for the week:

Wednesday : 5:30 am Spin Class (Anaerobic Threshold Intervals)
Wednesday: 7 pm Team Weight Loss - More Zone 4 work (lots of running)!
Friday: 5:30 am Spin Class (Aerobic Endurance)
Friday: 7 pm Team Weight Loss - Treadmill, Dumbbells, and Resistance Bands, push ups & crunches
Saturday: 10 am Team Fitness Demo class - Ouch!
Sunday: 3 pm Soccer Game (at least I didn't have to play too much, we had lots of subs)

I only have until the end of next week (March 30th), to reach my weight goal. I'm only 2.5 lbs away according to my home scale. I'm sure quite a few more than that on the gym scale. I've already met the fat percentage goal, so I'm okay if I don't hit the weight. But I am a girl, and us girls like to see the scale change! Wish me luck! Think thin!!!

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Sara Quinn said...

Really proud of you. That takes a lot of work and you can be assured that you are doing a lot for your health - regardless of what the gym scales say !