Monday, March 5, 2007

Start of Week 9

Well not much to report. Kiddos' surgery (and my lack of sleep) put me off track a little. I took kiddo to the grocery store in his wagon Friday morning for a little extra exercise. Four miles and two sore arms (had shots for immigration Thursday) later, we arrived back. We had a good hard workout on Friday night in class too.

We had a soccer clinic yesterday. Only three of us showed up. I guess it meant a little more personal attention (which I desperately need all the help I can get). It also meant that my hip was killing me, but seems to be only a little stiff today.

I have TWL class tonight. Monday's are always an easier workout because our nutrition class cuts it short, so if I can get out of the house, I will try to make the 6:00 spin class.

The scale at home (which NEVER matches the gym), says I'm down 12.5 lbs. My dietitian's goal for me is 18lb for March 30th.

That's it for now!

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Anonymous said...

If you'd like, you could help me move later this month. You could easily lose 5 pounds lugging my crap up 2 flights of stairs!! I will even ride piggy back on you if you would like.

I am generous like that :)

- who do you think