Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starting Night Sorrow

I started Team Weight Loss at the gym on Monday night. The first night did not involve a workout, so you would think that was a good thing right? I'd rather spend an hour on the treadmill than getting my fat pinched and measurements announced to 18 strangers! Oh well, I guess I should consider it punishment for too many Coronas and pizza lately. After meeting with our Registered Dietitian, Jessi and our new trainer Jaime, we gathered our meal plans, journals, bracelets, and what was left of our pride, and started week one...

Week One Stats:

Weight = X lbs.

Goal Weight = X-18 lbs (for March 30th)

Total Fat % = Y%

1 comment:

Sara Quinn said...

I know you can do it. Remember the gorgeous blue dress and how stunning you looked in it. That is incentive !