Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mid Week 3 Update

Well, we haven't "officially" weighed-in yet (we do that this Monday), but I did get on the scale at the gym after class last night.

So the latest per the gym scale is:

Weight = X - 4 lbs.

Now, per my scale at home (which weighed the same as the gym scale the first night):

Weight = X - 8 lbs.

What the h-e-double hockeysticks!

Anyway, at least it is moving in the right direction. Also, I'm already getting comments on my weight (or at least inches) loss and my pants are fitting better, so that is some motivation.

Friday nights are our hard workouts (which is probably a good thing, since that is the night I want to sit on my butt and eat like crap). So, I look forward to that.

Also, I dusted off the rowing machine and got out the ab roller and had a great workout Sunday evening. I would love to go back to rowing, so hopefully I'll continue to make that part of my weekly workout routine.

Had a great workout with Jaime last night and we chose our team name "Fab-U-Loss". We, for the most part, have a great team. Meeting great new people from our area. Now, back to work...

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Sara Quinn said...

Part of the reason for the difference in gym and home scales is this. At the gym, you probably had on all your clothes (maybe even your shoes) and it was at night. At home, you probably had on less clothes or no clothes (which is the the I prefer to weigh) and probably weighed first thing in the morning. That can make a world of difference. Anyway, sounds as if you are making progress. Congratulations.