Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh What I Get Myself Into!

Last spring, when I had a momentary lapse of sanity, I emailed a women's soccer group in the area about joining a team. I didn't hear anything, and let it drop. But yesterday, I received an email asking if I was interested and of course said "yes please"! So I filled out the "request for team" form and am waiting to be assigned a team. Apparently the spring league starts on Feb. 18th. I was never a soccer player. The closest I got was to dating the coach of my sister's team (she's the cute, athletic one). They assure me you don't have to have experience. So now I wait... ;)


BigMac said...

You dated before you met me!? I'm so disappointed.

Sara Quinn said...

You have a full-time job, you joined a gym, you have a full-time husband, a full-time 3-year-old, a full-time passion for cooking and now you want to join a soccer team???? It makes me tired thinking about it. But of course, I'm twice your age so maybe it would have made sense to me 30+ years ago.:)

By the way, bigmac, I'm glad she didn't marry that other guy.

Carly said...

Good for you! I have thought of joining soccer too, Adrian loves it!