Friday, June 22, 2007

Week 12 Conclusion

Well this marks the end of my final week of Team Fitness. I didn't have nearly the motivation this time around as I did Team Weight Loss. We didn't seem to have the desire as my last group and haven't had any real emphasis on our diets. Plus with half our team dropping out, things kind of went downhill the last 6 weeks.

Anyway, that being said, here are the Week 12 Testing results:

Plank Test - this time: 3 min (Week 1: 2 min 29 sec; Week 6: 2 min 45 sec)
Push Up Test - this time: 20 (Week 1: 7; Week 6: 12) (he made us do boy push ups)
Sit Up Test - this time: 18 in 30 sec. (Week 1: 14 in 30 sec; Week 6: 14 in 30 sec)
Run Test - this time: 3.04 miles in 30 min; (Week 1:2.49 miles in 30 min; Week 6 3.03 miles in 30 min)
Weight loss - 3.1 lbs (hardly worth mentioning).
Body fat loss - 3.9%

I don't think I'll be signing up for another Team class right now. My work schedule is not predictable yet, and frankly I need a break from the 7 pm M,W,F schedule. I just need to make sure I keep going to the gym! ;)

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