Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Latest, and not so Greatest

Well I started back at Team Fitness at the gym on Monday. I have definitely lost muscle and some endurance!

Here it goes:

Weight = X (at least it is -22.3 lbs since January)
Body Fat = Y (which is an absolutely ridiculous number)

Plank Test = 2.03 minutes (I gave in early on this one)
Push Up Test = 11 (He disqualified a few of them on technicalities) ;(
Flexibility = 12-1/4" (not great, but not bad)
30 minute run test = 2.96 miles (off my goal of 3 miles)

We are going to do the sit up test next week.

Also, it is one month from tomorrow that I run my first 5K in Race for the Cure in Austin. I was registered as an individual, but requested a change to the Lifetime Fitness team - Team Gina. Gina is a beautiful and sweet Personal Trainer at Lifetime (my new employer) and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently undergoing Chemo, but still at the gym everyday as an inspiration to us all. So be prepared for my requests for donations for our team. And thanks to those who have already contributed! You can link to my personal page here.

And last but not least, my ex-Team Weightloss members Nicole and Ann convinced me to join them in training with Austin Fit, for the Austin Half Marathon on Feb. 18th. It seemed like a great idea at the time. And I am really enjoying it. But when the alarm goes off at six on Saturday mornings, so we can be downtown for 7 am, I'm not convinced! However, being downtown early in the morning is nice. I get to run along the rowers. I miss rowing so much! I'm hoping to make it through the training. We did four miles on Saturday morning (then Nicole and I did a 3-mile Team Alumni walk at the gym afterwards).

Well, I'll try to keep the updates coming. And remember to buy Pink this month!

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